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SAMPLE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT NARRATIVE Grant County Marsh Restoration Project at Crab Lake **CHANGES have been made to the Project Narrative that differ from the Approved State Plan, see Section #11.
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. Environmental Impact Statement: 4. Statement of Project Completion Date: 5. Description of Land: 6. Summary of Legal Authority: 7. References:          1. Grant County, Texas, Department of State Lands, Grant Coastal Zone Management (CRW) Unit 10 — Crab Lake Restoration Project, 1201 W. Avenue, Suite A, Grants, TX 76374 ()   (1) State law requires the Grant County Council to obtain the grant in trust for all funds expended in furtherance of the grant. The grant is in the form of a deed of trust, which is executed by the grant-holders, and is to remain in trust until the grant is extinguished, revoked, given free of cost, or otherwise discharged to the satisfaction of the grantee.  (2) The grantee shall have sole and exclusive possession of and control of the grant.  (3) The grantee has the legal authority to acquire land and to improve it to the highest and best use for the conservation and development of the area, subject to the provisions of Chapter 22, Title 15 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code. (4) In the event that the grantees, or any of them, in their sole discretion, determine that a portion of the grant is not of the highest and best use of the land for the conservation and development of the area, the grantee may return all or some of the funds so received from the grant.  (5) The grantee shall not acquire by purchase, condemnation, right, lease, occupancy, gift, or otherwise. (6) The grantee is hereby authorized and directed to conduct the Crab Lake Restoration Project as provided by this application.  (7) The grantee shall have discretion with respect to the selection of the applicant(s), contractor(s), design engineer(s), and all other persons who are to be engaged in the construction or operation of the site.  (8) The grantee has the right of first refusal to purchase of any plot of land in the area purchased for the grant.  (9) The grantee and the applicant(s) have undertaken to conduct the project in accordance with this Agreement.
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