STATE OF ALASKA INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN APPLYING FOR PERMITS The following information will be required when applying for an oversize and/or overweight permit: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Type of
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing alaska oversize permits

When it comes to permitting and routingoversize overweight vehicles you have tobalance the safety needs of the motoringpublic protect your infrastructure andmeet the expectations of the commercialtrucking industry all while maintaininga tight budget Intergraph solution forautomated routing and permitting foroversize overweight vehicles is key tosuccessful department of transportationoperations this web-based applicationlets truckers apply for and pay for apermit online 24/7 and receive a safeand efficient route through the highwaysystem this is a demo of inter graphspermitting and routing systemimplemented at the Oklahoma Departmentof Transportation we'll begin by loggingin as a supervisor there are differentroles in the system so as a supervisor Ihave access to different dashboard orqueues as an agent I would only see theagent queue as a bridge engineer I wouldonly see the bridge engineer queue italso includes law enforcement and athird party bridging company thatOklahoma DoD contracts with we'll startby applying for a permit a screen willpop up where you can enter theperimeters of the vehicle here I'll tellit which company I'm applying a permitfor we want to use a single use permitof general type using a tractor trailerand for this demo we're going to useoversize we could have an overweight orwe could have an oversize and overweightso we'll start with our height which is13 feet our width which is 14 feettrailer low let's say it's 36 in thetotal length is 42 feet will state nooverhang put the gross weight at 80,000and then enter the pike pass number thenenter the truck model tag informationand then the truck unit numbernow we'll enter the trailer informationsuch as model tag number serial numberand load description and that is all theinformation that we need click continueat the bottom of the form and that willtransfer all the information we justentered into the routing application nowusing those parameters of the vehiclewe're going to define our route on theLeft we've got our points of origin anddestination we've got our vehicledimensions and we've got the map so whatwe'll do now is we'll search for a cityin Oklahoma we're going to route fromEnid Oklahoma to Mustang Oklahoma we canhighlight Enid and then zoom into anarea and use the map click function tolocate our point of originas you can see by clicking on the map weidentified several points what we wantto do is tell the system which one wewant to use so we pick that point andnotice that the arrow turns green we canalso choose a different map layer suchas a Google hybrid view and turn on theaerial photography and see what thatlooks like now what we want to do isenter an address for our destination sowe'll turn on the street address andwe'll key in a street address to ensurewe have the correct address we can askthe system to go ahead and locate...