Your First pdfFiller Document

Take your first step towards creating digital document workflows. Create, edit, and send documents in minutes using any device. Discover how easy and efficient it is to manage and store digital documents with pdfFiller.
30 minutes
A verified certificate is included
Your first pdfFiller document

About this course

This course will guide you through the entire document lifecycle, from creating and editing to collecting and storing recipient data.
By the end of this course, you will be able to create digital documents, customize them according to your needs, and send them out using any device.

What does this course cover?

This course provides step-by-step instructions on how to upload documents, work in the PDF editor, and distribute these documents.
Why was this course made?
We created this course to help you start working with digital documents and learn how to use pdfFiller functionality for your workflows.

Who can enroll?

Anyone who is beginning their pdfFiller journey and wants to know how to create their first pdfFiller document.
The materials for this course include:
learning resources to get familiar with the key principles of working in pdfFiller, building paperless workflows, and managing them
quiz to reinforce the concepts learned.

What you will learn

How to create and add documents
How to work with the PDF editor
How to collect data or payments from recipients
How to view, share, and collaborate when editing a document
How to work with pdfFiller’s mobile application

Upskill yourself with our verified certification program

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Receive a certificate with the pdfFiller logo to showcase your achievement and expand your career prospects.
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All you need to digitally transform your business

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Take your first step towards setting up automated electronic document workflows

Editing and customizing PDF documents, making them fillable, sharing them, collecting customer data — all this functionality is now at your fingertips. pdfFiller saves you time and hassle with instant access to its powerful selection of editing tools and the largest online library of ready-to-use templates. This is how pdfFiller improves your daily processes on your way to a successful business transformation.

What types of documents are supported?

To get started, browse for a document on your computer or smartphone, add it to pdfFiller, and begin editing online. pdfFiller supports all popular document formats, including PDF, Word, JPEG, PNG, PPT and Text. From now on, you’ll be able to easily access any editing tool you need in one click!
Easily customize your document’s layout or edit its content. Depending on what operation you wish to perform, the UI features separate toolbars with a range of editing tools. Select any instrument for making the change you need and click anywhere on the page.
Use a mouse or trackpad to move, resize, or delete any field or object you’ve added. Save the resulting document to your hard drive or share it with another user via a direct link, email, or even SMS.

Create fillable PDF documents with ease

With pdfFiller, working with document templates has never been easier. Simply browse the pdfFiller template library, find the document you need and start editing it right away.
In case you don’t know how to create a PDF form from scratch, here’s how it’s done:
Locate a document on your device or cloud and upload it to pdfFiller. Open the document in the editor.
Convert the document to an interactive form by adding fillable fields. Name your fields, add default text, specify whether you want them to be required or optional, and set a character limit.
Click the respective button to activate the LinkToFill menu. With LinkToFill, you can send out your document via email, social media, QR code, or host it on your website. Anyone can fill out any document from any device.
Set up instant email notifications when somebody fills out your document. Note that you can save the filled in data in an Excel spreadsheet, CRM, or as a separate document in pdfFiller’s cloud storage.

Smooth file sharing and uninterrupted workflows

There’s no need to search for and install a third-party app every time you need to export a PDF document. Use pdfFiller to share files online and enable your recipients to view or collaborate on your documents in just three simple steps:
Click on the document you want to share. An export window will pop up
Choose whether you want to generate a unique shared workspace link or share your document via email
Add a recipient or choose an existing contact from your contact list
Click Share to send your document to the intended recipient
One of the coolest things about pdfFiller is that it never stops introducing new exciting tools for conveniently managing document-driven workflows. SendToSign, LinkToFill, online file sharing — all these features deliver value to individuals and organizations of all scales and industries.