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How to Use Smart Fields

To use smart fields follow these steps:

Upload a document or drag and drop it and click on More. Select the Make Template option.
Once your template is uploaded, select More and choose Smart Fields from the dropdown menu.
You will then be redirected to the smart fields adding mode. Locate fields on the needed page area and name them.
Click on Done once you finish. Generate the signing link, as this tutorial says.

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Ruth S
pleasant, but form was rejected because I cannot print it in red ink.
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Jennifer S
I am in need of something that doesn't break the bank, is clean, and I can use. I am NOT tech savvy and in real estate. This is a necessity for my everyday work life.
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For pdfFiller’s FAQs

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How do you insert a fill in field in Word?

Position the insertion point where you want the text that will be entered by the user to appear. Choose Insert Field. In the Field names list, choose Fill-in. In the Field Properties Prompt box, enter the text you want to appear to prompt the user for input. Optionally, enter default text. Click OK.

What are smart fields?

Smart fields are data dictionary items with one or more business functions attached. Smart fields enable you to include complex, reusable calculations in detail sections of a report. Each smart field template is associated with a particular business view.

How do I insert a form in Word?

Step 1: Display the "Developer" Section. Go into the "File" tab. then click "Options". Step 2: Create a Form Template. Step 3: Add Content to This Form. Step 4: Set Properties for Content Controls. Step 5: Include Instructional Text to Your Form. Step 6: Include Protection to Your Form.

How do you turn a Word document into a fillable form?

Step 1: Show Developer tab. Step 2: Open a word document. Step 3: Add Content to the form. Step 4: Set or Change Properties to Content Control. Step 5: Add Instructional text to the form. Step 6: You can add protection to the form by using the Restrict Editing Command.

How do I insert a form field in Word?

Click in your Word document wherever you wish to insert a Form Field. On the Legacy Forms menu click the first icon to insert a Form Field. Right-click on the Form Field and select Properties. Then provide a name for the field in the Bookmark section.

How do I make a fillable Word document not editable?

Head on to the "Protect" section on the ribbon and click the button labeled Protect Document. You should then click the button named Restrict Formatting and Editing. On the options that appear, select the one that says Allow only this type of editing in the document and pick Filling in forms. Once you're done,

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