Brand the Communication Using the PDFfiller PHP Client

Increase brand recognition with a help of the PDFfiller PHP Client. Reflect the company brand on emails and web pages the recipients see when completing PDFs.

Brand the Communication

Customize emails and communications with logos, videos and unique messages to clients using the PDFfiller PHP Client. Build trust while growing your brand.

How to Use PDFfiller PHP Client

Upload Logo from Multipart

Upload logo from multipart (file) or url.
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// Multipart
$uploader = new Uploader($provider, CustomLogo::class);
$uploader->type = Uploader::TYPE_MULTIPART;
$uploader->file = __DIR__ . '/test.jpg';
$logo = $uploader->upload();

// URL
$uploader = new Uploader($provider, CustomLogo::class);
$uploader->type = Uploader::TYPE_URL;
$uploader->file = '';
$logo = $uploader->upload();

Try adding a company logo to PDFs using the PDFfiller PHP Client

Have emails and web pages reflect company branding with the PDFfiller PHP Client.

Try defining the email style using the PDFfiller PHP Client

Maintain the distinctive style of company correspondence with custom watermarks and logos using the PDFfiller PHP Client.

Try branding the look and feel of your documents using the PDFfiller PHP Client

Make a document template correspond to company branding using the PDFfiller PHP Client.
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