Define Fillable Fields Using the PDFfiller PHP Client

Easily define fillable fields via the PDFfiller PHP Client. Automatically merge data from a database with a PDF and send pre-filled copies out to be signed.

Define Fillable Fields

Add fillable fields to a document and fill them with data from a CRM, Excel spreadsheet or a database using the PDFfiller PHP Client. You can add any type of field, text, date, signature or checkbox.

How to Use PDFfiller PHP Client

Get Document`s Dictionary

Get document`s dictionary (list of fields)
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$template = FillableTemplate::dictionary($provider, 290009907);

Try uploading data from Excel using the PDFfiller PHP Client

Export data from an Excel spreadsheet or type it directly into an online spreadsheet using the PDFfiller PHP Client. You can send it for a signature or save it.

Try creating Up to 1000 documents in a Job with the PDFfiller PHP Client

Generate up to 1000 copies of a contract, invoice or application pre-filled with data from the spreadsheet, CRM or API using the PDFfiller PHP Client.

Try getting all filled documents in a Folder via the PDFfiller PHP Client

Save all the pre-filled documents in a folder to access them anytime from any device using the PDFfiller PHP Client. Make changes to meet your needs.
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