Require Filler Email and Name Using the PDFfiller PHP Client

Stay safe requiring filler's email and name with the PDFfiller PHP Client. Protect all PDFs with 2-factor authentication and encrypted folders in full HIPAA compliance.

Require Filler's Email and Name

Identify recipients of the PDF documents by requesting their names and emails using the PDFfiller PHP Client. Ensure yourself with this information about the signers to securely keep and manage all your documents in confidence.

How to Use PDFfiller PHP Client

Fill Request

Create fill request
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$fillRequestEntity = new FillRequest($provider);

$fillRequestEntity->document_id = 20829426;
$fillRequestEntity->access = "full";
$fillRequestEntity->status = "public";
$fillRequestEntity->email_required = true;
$fillRequestEntity->name_required = true;
$fillRequestEntity->custom_message = "Custom message";
$fillRequestEntity->notification_emails[] = new NotificationEmail(['name' => 'name', 'email' => '']);
$fillRequestEntity->additional_documents[] = new AdditionalDocument('name1');
$fillRequestEntity->additional_documents[] = new AdditionalDocument('name3');
$fillRequestEntity->enforce_required_fields = true;
$fillRequestEntity->welcome_screen = false;
$fillRequestEntity->notifications = new FillRequestNotifications(FillRequestNotifications::WITH_PDF);

$result = $fillRequestEntity->save();

Try setting a unique document ID for each document using PDFfiller PHP Client

Secure the authenticity of the document with the help of a unique Document ID using the PDFfiller PHP Client. Provide a unique ID for each PDF that contains an important and confidential information.

Try protecting your document with a PIN using the PDFfiller PHP Client

Secure recipients' access to PDF documents with a 4 digit PIN using the PDFfiller PHP Client. Make your PDFs accessible only to the users you trust.

Try protecting your document with 2-Factor authentication using the PDFfiller PHP Client

Protect your account, a folder or a PDF form by adding 2-factor authentication just like your bank account using the PDFfiller PHP Client.
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