Track All Activity Using the PDFfiller PHP Client

Save time and energy tracking all the activity in your account using the PDFfiller PHP Client. Protect your documents and keep important information confidential.

Track All Activity

Browse all the authentication records for all activity in your account using the PDFfiller PHP Client. Keep all important PDF or Word documents safe and secure. Protect the information stored in your account and be sure of its confidentiality.

How to Use PDFfiller PHP Client

Track All Account

Retrieve a list of all account templates.
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$list = FillableTemplate::all($provider);

Try encrypting a folder via the PHP Client

Easily create as many folders as you need and encrypt them to keep the information confidential. Make all your folders secure and accessible only to you with the PDFfiller PHP Client.

Try protecting documents according to HIPAA standards via the PHP Client

Protect all PDF or Word documents stored in your account according to HIPAA standards. Keep all your medical records in complete confidentiality with the PDFfiller PHP Client.

Try logging in with a phone via the PHP Client

Access all your PDF or Word documents on-the-go. Log in with your smartphone and manage any document from anywhere with the PDFfiller PHP Client.
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