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The Board of Supervisors of Sioux County, Iowa, met at 900 oclock a - siouxcounty
Minutes of sioux county board of supervisors meeting held on february 26, 2013 130226 1 the board of supervisors of sioux county, iowa, met at 9:00 oclock a.m. with chairman mark sybesma presiding. members present were al bloemendaal, john degen,...
Operating Assistance to Cultural Organizations - 2016-17
Operating assistance to cultural organizations 201617 budget template fiscal year calendar year organization: actuals 201415 2014 budget 201516 2015 forecast 201516 2015 budget 201617 2016 (for 3year funding only) budget budget year 2 of 3 year 3...
US Africa Command Reporting Instructions - africom
Us africa command reporting instructionsplease review the entire document prior to issuing ordersthis document is current as of: 9 december 2014 previous editions are obsolete.this information supersedes all documentation on the same...
Allied grape growersmembership agreementinitial crop year undersigned (grower) hereby applies for, or reaffirms membership in, allied grape growers(association), an incorporated cooperative marketing association, and hereby agrees to be bound by...
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2017-2018 calendar template