30 Day Notice Template

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30 Day Notice Template


What is a 30-day notice?

A 30-day notice is a document presented by renter to owner with a purpose to vacate the leased premises. In some cases such document may be provided to the renter in order to repair damages caused to property. A notice is given 30 days before the eviction date and has to be agreed by both parties. An important thing is that the lessor cannot evict a tenant without a court order, so such notice is just a part of eviction procedure. Usually, the lessee is given 30 days to eliminate a problem and the lessor can further call off the eviction.

How to prepare a 30-day notice template?

First the lessor should do is to define a reason of eviction, for instance failure to pay rent, damages caused to premises, frequent payment delays etc. In order to prepare an effective notice, a person has to follow the specified instructions.

Here find a procedure of preparing a fillable form:

  • download several 30-day notice templates and choose the most appropriate one;
  • provide date of giving a notice;
  • insert the renter`s name;
  • in the next line specify and explain the reason of eviction as shown in a sample;
  • it is vital to provide precise date of eviction;
  • put the address of leased premises to be vacated;
  • sign a document to make it legally binding.

There are instances where the renter can provide the owner with a notice of intent to vacate the premises.

Here is how to create such document:

  • the tenant has to provide a list of residents in a rental dwelling;
  • specify address of rental property;
  • explain the reason of intent to vacate;
  • put the date of submitting;
  • certify a document with his/her signature.

After the paper is completed, check if all information is sufficient and correct. Save your time and prepare a document online taking an advantage of electronic signature. Submit a final version of the paper right to the recipient or share it online.