Auto Repair Receipt

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Auto Repair Receipt


What is an Auto Repair Receipt?

For those, who provide an auto repair service, it is a good practice to send invoices to their clients. If you and your client both have a record of what work has been performed and an amount of money paid, you are protected from the potential conflicts. Collecting all the auto repair receipts also helps to do tax calculations at the end of the year. You may ensure that your business is on track or needs some rearrangement. Providing exhaustive information to your client you prove that he or she pays a reasonable amount of money in a reasonable amount of time. To automate all these processes use fillable templates, which you can find online. All the templates on the website are customizable and may be filled according to your needs.

What information should be in an auto repair receipt?

It takes less than five minutes to fill out the form. You can make major changes to a PDF such as adjusting content and document formatting. Here is a brief guideline of what to include to the document.

  1. Enter information about a client: his or her name and address (including city, state and zip), home and work phones;
  2. Add vehicle description: model, year, VIN, license plate number.
  3. Select an option: discard or retain parts, cash or charge. Insert check marks where you need.
  4. Include information about your service company.
  5. List all the charges: parts, labor, shop supplies, sublet.
  6. Date the document. You can do it in one click.

Depending on your specific circumstances, you may also need to apply sales tax. After you have included tax to the price, it is easier to calculate the grand total. It also helps to instruct a client.

After the auto repair receipt is completed, download it to your device or send it to your customer straight from the website. You may print PDF documents in order to send it by mail.