Business Plan Template

When building a business, it is important to carefully plan and consider every factor that can impact its future. Our plan templates can provide you the right guidance to building a successful business plan by outlining the different parts of a plan you may need. Here you can find both simple and comprehensive templates that cover funding, financial projection, and more.

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Business Plan Template


The purpose of business plan

If a person considers to start up a new business and wants to know which amount of money he/she will need, a business plan is the right thing for this. It`s important to define aims and strategies clearly in order to win success. A document is required to be focused and clear. It reflects a company`s image in some ways. This document comprises information related to company`s development and is essential for controlling company`s progress.

Procedure of filling a business plan sample:

In most cases a such document is prepared by a company management for certain period that often doesn`t exceed two years. This document in details describes a company`s further development, so it has to include enough information regarding future expenditures and return in order a business to be lucrative. In other words, it should contain information about services or goods which a company is going to offer and resources it`s going to use for their production.

Begin preparing a document with downloading several simple business plan templates. If a person prepares an instrument for existing enterprise, an important thing to remember is that it is based on a result of company`s previous activities.

According to a business plan template, a document should include:

  • company`s name;
  • brief introduction of company`s activities;
  • information about company`s previous activities;
  • report on income and expenditures;
  • analyses of company`s current financial state;
  • information about future strategies and objections concerning company`s activities.

Also some annexes such as audit reports, charts and extracts are attached to a document.

Since a business plan has to be regularly updated, a person may use an online business plan template for convenience.  If it is necessary, a document can be easily exported from PDF format into Word.