Business Proposal Template

This category contains a number of predesigned templates of business proposals, providing you with certain guideline on how and in what order to complete them. The templates help make your business proposals consistent and neat. Impress new business partners with persuasive business proposal letters in a few straightforward steps. Choose the most suitable template in order to make your message precise.

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Business Proposal Template


What is a Business Proposal?

The specific business document is a widespread tool for cooperation with either current or potential partners. The text in a proposal motivates the parties to do something: go to the office, call a manager, work overtime, etc.

Not every manager is able to write a valuable proposal on their own. It greatly differs from real communication with a client. The proposal must include such information that will encourage a potential client to sign a contract. To simplify the life of managers, we offer a business proposal template that will save you time and energy.

What is a Business Proposal Used for?

This document is specially created for managers who want to promote their business and involve more and more services for the best results of their project. In the past, they had to type the templates manually using Word, but today there are many CRM systems and other programs that automatize the process of creating business templates.

There are two options. You can either download a template, fill it out and send it to a potential client, or print it out and give it to your partner personally. In any case, it is recommended to save a copy either on your computer or keep a printed one in a folder with other documents.

What Information Should I Include in a Sample Business Proposal?

All managers must provide the best proposals to get more business. Otherwise, there is a chance to lose out. You can check a sample form to see what it should look like. Generally, there are three necessary points:

  • statement of the problem;
  • suggested solution;
  • estimated pricing.

If you manage to logically state these three issues, your proposal has a much better chance of being successful.