Car Rental Agreement

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Car Rental Agreement


Complete the Car Rental Agreement paperless

Car Rental Agreement is one of the most frequently used contracts for those who want to get an auto for a short time. Usually, the clients of rental agencies are tourists, people who have no vehicle or those whose auto is damaged. Such companies require people to provide a valid driver license, to be at least twenty-five years old and to return the automobile in the same condition as it was in the beginning. As the guarantee for an adequate car exploitation, every driver pays predetermined price and fills out the agreement with a company. In order to save time and paper, submit the document electronically. Users may upload it to their personal PDFfiller account and spend several minutes to receive an automobile.

How to fill out the Car Rental Agreement

The customer should follow some tips given above:

  1. Open the template in the editor and fill in every part of it in details.
  2. Provide your personal information, such as full name, address, phone number, driver license, and e-mail. Sometimes, the company require credit card and fax number.
  3. Additionally, the information about the vehicle and insurance together with payment sum and term of rent included. This part is usually completed by the company manager.
  4. Finally, the template is certified by the signatures from both parties. Type your initials or draw your signature on a mobile, tablet and computer. All the electronic signatures are legally binding as well as the written ones.
  5. Once you finish the editing process, proofread the sample and click at “Done” button. Your template is ready for downloading to the internal storage of your device, printing or sending via e-mail.

Car Rental Agreement can be easily filled out with the help of any device with any OS. The only thing a user needs is an active Internet connection. Rent an automobile while on the go and save more time for important business with PDFfiller!