Change Order Template

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Change Order Template


What is a change order form for a construction contract

A change order form is usually completed by those who want to add some amendments to the previously signed original agreement. This document may include the detailed reasons why some points of contract should be reviewed. For example, there are some more tasks to be done and as a result more money to be paid. Sometimes the alternations in a project or in a job title may become the reason for the additional revision. Pay attention to the fact, that both parties of the contract need to agree with all new aspects in change order form.

Complete a change order in a few simple steps

Everyone who wants to supply the amendments to the original contract with the change order template has to follow some pieces of advice:

  1. First of all, the user needs to select a template out of the PDFfiller library or upload it from the personal computer. Once the document is added to the user’s profile, it can be easily opened in the editor.
  2. Some samples have fields, others contain blank spaces only.
  3. Add the fillable fields using the green tab at the right sight of an editor or use the text tool.
  4. Provide the personal and postal data together with contact details.
  5. Enumerate the amendments that should be made and the amount equivalent for each of them.
  6. Submit every point and put your signature at the end.
  7. Check all the given information several times to avoid misprints.
  8. Save a sample or download it to the internal storage of your PC. The form may also be printed, or shared with another person through the link. Select Send to Sign option to request a signature from the other party of the agreement.
  9. To make document confidential indicate password, HIPPA compliance or identity verification with social network profile, phone number or photo.

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