Da Form 638

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Da Form 638


What Is DA 638 Form?

The DA 638 form is used by event witnesses or trustworthy soldiers who want to recommend their comrade for valor and heroism awards, wartime medals, etc. Those who have not seen the heroic action with their own eyes should enumerate the witnesses’ names and describe all details from their words. If you want to save time, create a neat and good-looking application, complete electronic template using your personal PDFfiller account. Fill out the DA form 638 digitally in several minutes with our multifunctional toolkit.

How To Complete Form DA 638?

Those who want to submit a document should select one of the existing templates in the library and open it. The recommendation for award is processed faster with the following tips:

  • The first block requires information about the application addressee, and the applicant’s name together with a job title.
  • Secondly, insert the information about the soldier nominated for a medal: his or her name, SSN, rank, a service branch, previous merits and recommended one.
  • Next, enumerate all achievements in details to support the reason for the award. Specify the day, place and weather when the action took place. It will help to examine faster the soldier’s behavior and provide the relevant answer to your application.
  • Witness explanations are provided as the sworn statements or affidavits.
  • Additionally, the official records, maps, photographs should support the document (if any).
  • Insert your initials by drawing them with a touchpad or mouse. The legally binding signature may also be typed and styled according to one of the patterns. If you have signed some documents before, you may choose the previous signature, as all examples are saved automatically.
  • Save the completed sample and download it to your computer or store it in your personal account.