Daily Sales Report Template

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Daily Sales Report Template


Why is a Daily Sales Report template useful?

Everyone who deals with sales needs to know what the profit and the loss are. That is why the daily audit is of the highest priority. To have your business under control and not to be overwhelmed with the hundreds of paper documents you can use the electronic templates for daily sales report. It will help you to save time and make your life easier.

Sales reports need to be carefully filled to avoid further misunderstandings. The structure of every document of this kind includes detailed criteria for nothing to be lost. Each form of data entering has its own pattern for you to know when the things are out of balance. If the sum is negative, you have made mistake or there is no income.

How to create a Daily Sales Report?

  1. Find the form that will comprise all the information fields you would like to have in your report.
  2. Fill in the document by clicking at the yellow-colored places. If there is no fillable fields, use the text tool in order to edit your template manually. Try to fit the text to the column you fill.
  3. Indicate the date and the day.
  4. Subdivide your profit into the cash, credit cards and check fields.
  5. Include the sum of taxes in your report.
  6. Sum up total sales and total sales tax.
  7. Include bank deposit details (if there was any).
  8. Fill in the total receipts field.
  9. Furthermore, you may tape in some notes if they are needed.

The user may also add the name of the company or the name and/or the signature of the employee, who is responsible for making the report. Every part of the template finishes with a subtotal field that should also be included. Check the information very attentively and for several times. If anything is unclear or you made a mistake, do not hesitate to reopen document and make corrections there. If you have corrected everything, print the document, save it, share or send it to sign. You may send the document to another person to correct or check it or for the signature only.