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Or not this individual is or ever was a patient in our program unless the court issues an order authorizing disclosure in accordance with Subpart E of the federal confidentiality regulations. 42 C.F*R* 2.13 . The federal confidentiality law and regulations prohibit a program from disclosing information in response to a subpoena even a judicial subpoena when the information is sought as part of a criminal investigation or prosecution of a patient or former patient unless a court issues an special authorizing order in accordance with Subpart E of the federal regulations 2.61 - 2.67. Subpart E of the regulations provides that before the court may issue an order authorizing a program to release patient information sought in a criminal investigation or prosecution the program must be notified that a hearing will be held to decide whether an authorizing court order will be issued* The program must be given an opportunity to appear in person or file a responsive statement.
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Donation Letter Sample