Donation Letter Template

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Donation Letter Template


What is a donation letter?

Nowadays there are numbers of volunteer programs that help to raise funds for those in need. Many people are ready to donate enough money in order to help persons who really need it. One of the most popular ways to ask for additional finances is a donation letter.

How to prepare a donation letter?

Remember that such document has to persuade a donator to contribute a required amount. In order to receive necessary support a donation letter has to be prepared in a proper way. It will be easy to create such letter, if download several donation letter templates and choose the most appropriate one. A person may avoid any difficulties if follows the specified instructions for writing a letter.

Here find a list of required information in order to prepare an effective donation letter:

  • first address to the audience with the words “To whom it may concern”;
  • in the first paragraph specify a purpose of writing (try to give as many details as you can in order a donator to understand why he/she has to give money);
  • it is necessary to define the amount requested for implementation of a certain action (for donation in kind specify required services or goods);
  • briefly define how funds will be used;
  • specify the date needed;
  • provide exact place and time of a donation event;
  • specify a number of bank account for money transfers;
  • list possible ways for donating money (online, by check etc.);
  • attach additional information you think may be necessary.

After a document is complete, check if all information specified is sufficient and correct. It is possible to prepare a letter and online. Forget about the paperwork, because you may fill in all required information, sign and share a document electronically. For convenience, a person may create a document in PDF format and further easily export to the Word.