Employee Write Up Form

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Employee Write Up Form


What is an Employee Write Up Form?

This template is commonly used by in order to show staff performance in the workplace or for disciplinary action. HR department usually uses employee write up form when a serious problem arises. For example, a person keeps making mistakes and verbal communication doesn’t work anymore. This document should be forwarded to a worker as an authentic and serious warning. It outlines expectations and consequences. According to the law, any employer has to give enough chances to the staff member to improve his or her performance. If nothing changes, a company or an organization may take a decision for termination. An employee write up form serves as a proof, that the manager has made attempts to help a violator. Only in case, there is no alternative left, he or she should be fired. Otherwise, a company has to re-employ the terminated or pay him or her a compensation.

How to Prepare an Employee Write Up Form?

If you have never encountered such a situation before, use a professionally made template. See a variety of fillable forms on the website. Choose one, that may satisfy your needs the best and fill it out with all required information. The following guide helps to properly complete the document according to its structure:

  • Indicate an employee’s name and who’s a supervisor;
  • Specify department;
  • Add date of warning;
  • Describe the violation;
  • Include an employer and a worker statement;
  • State a warning decision;
  • List of previous warnings if there were any.

The template should be signed by the worker, the supervisor and by the person who has prepared the warning. After you complete the document, make three copies. The first one should be kept for supervisor’s records, the second one is for a staff member and the third is for his or her profile at the HR Department.