Job Offer Letter Sample

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Job Offer Letter Sample


Description of a job offer letter

A job offer is a formal confirmation of an employment offer sent by organization to a potential employee. Such offers are sent by email or registered mail or even made by phone. When a person successfully accomplishes an interview, he/she has to be provided with a job offer letter. Most frequently such offer letters are used for full-time employees. After an applicant receives a letter, he/she may forward a formal acceptance of an offer. Sometimes, if conditions specified in a letter don`t meet an employee`s requirements, he/she may send a counter-offer.

Procedure of preparing a job offer letter

In order an employment offer to be accepted, it`s important to make it in a proper way. A document has to include detailed information about employment conditions, a certain position, salary, work schedule etc. You won`t have any difficulties with writing a letter, if you download several job offer letter samples and choose the one you need.

Here find the list of required information to prepare a good job offer letter:

  • first provide company`s name and address;
  • write name and title of a person sending a letter;
  • state recipient`s name and address;
  • put formal style greeting;
  • write main text of an offer (including an applied position, job description, employment start date, salary, benefits etc.);
  • finish a letter with formal style closing phrase;
  • put a signature.

Prior to forwarding an employment offer, make sure all information provided is sufficient and correct. A candidate in his/her turn has to sign an offer and send back to an employer in case of acceptance. Further such document will be considered an official certification of applicant`s employment. At your option it is possible to fill out, sign and submit a document online or download a PDF sample and further print a final document.