Pay Stub Template Free

Pay stub template. CLOCK NUMBER 00000000 Earnings Statement 7/18/2008 7/25/2008 ACME SUPPLIES CORP. The information will be accessible only to SPS employees involved in the shortlisting and selection of candidates. 00 State Addtnl TAXES Current Earnings Y T D Amount Description PRE TAX DEDUCTIONS Amount 3 003. Reading Your Payroll Check Stub This sheet shows you where basic payroll information displays on your check stub. Download Create and Print Payroll Pay Check Stub Paystub 1099 w2 w-2 irs Income Document Online Here Using www. HOW TO PRINT/VIEW PAY STUB ON EMPLOYEE ONLINE Go to the main FUSD web page www.
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Pay Stub Template Free


What is a Pay Stub?

A pay stub is a document that has to be attached to the paycheck in order to specify details pertaining to the payment made. Usually this is a small piece of paper used for reference on tax deductions and when proof of income is required. The employer has to provide workers with this document to confirm their earnings for a specific time period.

Both the superior and employee have to keep pay stubs so that they could ensure legal work relationship and provide proof of income when required.

Nowadays most companies refuse using paper documents and turn to digital workflow. That’s why employers prefer to save their time and money by sending electronic forms for different types of documentation. The superior can easily complete a blank pay stub form and instantly file it to the worker via email, fax or even sms.

Pay Stub Online Form Guide

In case you are new in digital workflow, read carefully the information below. Learn how to create a pay stub online, what details are required to provide and how to send the document to the recipient.

  1. Open the online blank form.
  2. Read attentively all the field labels to get an idea of the required content.
  3. Then look through the toolbar intended to help you with the form filling.
  4. Click on the empty field to start typing.
  5. The box at the bottom of the window shows the level of the document completion so that you cannot miss any of the fields of the pay stub.
  6. Indicate the employer name, telephone and address.
  7. Type the name, address and SIN of the employee.
  8. Specify the end of the period and the date the employee was paid. Sometimes these dates may be different.
  9. Type the total earnings, rate at which they were made, hours worked, current earnings and total income for the year.
  10. Provide the gross sum for the paycheck, for the current month and for the entire year.
  11. Indicate federal and provincial tax deductions for the period, month and year.
  12. Type Total Employee Insurance (EI) deductions and Total Canadian Pension Plan for the same pay periods.
  13. Specify any other deductions and the total amount of them.
  14. Enter the net sum in the last field.

Check whether all the details are correct and click the DONE button. Then choose the way to continue processing the pay stub. You can print it out, or send via email, fax or sms.

Who is the intended recipient of this form?

Both the employee and employer must receive these forms for legal purposes. Employees are advised to keep the forms they receive in case of disputes or for proof of income.