Peer Evaluation

tutoring evaluation form
Writing center advanced tutor peer evaluation form date: consultant: observer: rate the consultant on her/his performance in the following areas. the ratings, from highest to lowest, are superior, adequate, or needs improvement. circle one. 1. the...
Confidential project team member peer evaluation form project team : date : peer being evaluated : please rate the following attributes of your peer, on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is very poor, 2 is poor, 3 is average, 4 is better than average,...
Standardized Presentation Peer Evaluation Form
Standardized presentation peer evaluation form name: date: course: cs 524 software engineering i topic: content 0 n/a, 1 poor, 4 excellent material is relevant to topic topic is explored in depth description is accurate reliable sources were used...
Oral Presentation Peer Feedback Form Your Name ... - Student
Oral presentation peer feedback form your name: date: name of presenter: name of famous person: three facts i learned about the person: 1. 2. 3. the main thing the person is famous for: something i liked about the
university wide peer evaluation form
Print form california state university, fresno university-wide peer evaluation form professor evaluated: rank: course: term/year: date of classroom visitation: name of evaluator signature: ratings scale: 5 superior 4 above average 3 average 2...
Peer evaluation form - Cal Poly Pomona - dsa csupomona
Tour guide peer evaluation sheet guide being evaluated: number of guests on tour: evaluator?s name: date of evaluation: 1. did the guide introduce themselves when the tour started? 2. where did the guide stop and talk about theme stop #1? what did...
Sample: Persuasive Presentation Peer Evaluation Form - hawaii
Persuasive presentation peer evaluation form source: schaller, k. (2002). principles of effective public speaking: student workbook. boston, ma: mcgraw-hill. speaker: date: evaluate another speaker in your class, using the criteria listed below....
peer review forms for sip
2009-2010 peer review form 2009-2010 title i school improvement plan (sip) peer review process this form must be included with the school improvement plan, due to the office of public instruction (opi) by january 31, 2010. this form provides the...
Podcast Peer Evaluation Form - Clarkson Elementary School - www2 burlesonisd
Peer evaluation form evaluator: date: name/title of podcast: use the scale below to rank the quality/content of the podcast by checking the appropriate box. items for evaluation the podcast was interesting and/or enjoyable the podcast program was...
Peer evaluation form.pdf - MY.IIT - ftp msuiit edu
Icnhs tambacan annex be a solution, take an action! pbl evaluation form pbl: be a solution, take an action peer evaluation form rater: activity: teammate: date: rate your teammate s performance as to 1 strongly disagree
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Peer Evaluation