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jonathan cummins computer science birmingham form
Steganography and digital watermarking copyright 2004, jonathan cummins, patrick diskin, samuel lau and robert parlett, school of computer science, the university of birmingham. permission is granted to copy, distribute and / or modify this...
electronic records problem solved the victoria form
Electronic records problem solved?: the victorian electronic records strategy and the future of electronic record keeping in victoria ross gibbs director public record office victoria ross.gibbs dpc.vic.gov.au justine heazlewood business...
Perfect Implementation 1 Introduction - MIT - people csail mit
Perfect implementation by sergei izmalkov, matt lepinski, and silvio micali january 7, 2010 abstract privacy and trust affect our strategic thinking, yet they have not been precisely modeled in mechanism design. in settings of incomplete...
Email as Records: Advice to Victorian Government Agencies - prov vic gov
Information sheet, january 2002 email as records: advice to victorian government agencies this information sheet provides general advice to victorian government agencies on the management of email as a public record. ublic record office victoria...
A class of local likelihood methods and near-parametric asymptotics - ism ac
J. r. statist. soc. b (1998) 60, part 4, pp. 709 724 a class of local likelihood methods and near-parametric asymptotics shinto eguchi institute of statistical mathematics, tokyo, japan and john copas university of warwick, coventry, uk received...
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Polst Form Montana