Psychosocial Assessment Form

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Psychosocial Assessment Form


What is the Psychological Assessment Form?

The psychological assessment form is used to record the results of behavioral testing. It consists of a combination of tests, interviews, observations and informal assessment procedures that are used to identify an individual’s emotional and mental state.

It is usually filled out by a medical professional or licensed psychologist. The examination results are used to find out what treatment will work best for the patient. It’s important that this template is filled out with detail and as accurately as possible.

How to Fill Out the Psychological Assessment Form Electronically

To complete this document online, you should drag and drop the existing PDF file. You can also select one of the templates stored in the PDFfiller library. After you have selected the sample in PDF format that best fits your needs, open it and add the following information:

  1. The Individual’s name and medical care information together with the contact information.
  2. The diagnostic results and a detailed list of known medical conditions.
  3. A list of current prescriptions. This includes the precise names of each pill or injection, its dosage and the frequency of use (per day).
  4. The psychological behavioral peculiarities of the patient. For example, this may include difficulties in interpersonal relations or difficulties in recognizing the inappropriate social behavior.
  5. A list of health conditions that require treatment. An enumeration of therapy goals may also be included.
  6. Finally, the signatures of the medical professionals involved in the process.

By using up-to-date PDFfiller editor, anyone can fill out the psychological assessment form in just a few minutes and accelerate the document processing time.