Quotation Template

What is Quotation Template?

A Quotation Template is a document used by businesses to provide detailed pricing information to potential customers. It includes a list of products or services, along with their respective prices, quantities, and any additional terms or conditions. By using a Quotation Template, businesses can easily generate professional-looking quotes and streamline the process of providing accurate pricing information to clients.

What are the types of Quotation Template?

There are several types of Quotation Templates available, each catering to different industries and specific needs. Some of the common types include: 1. Standard Quotation Template: This template is suitable for general businesses and includes standard information such as product descriptions, prices, and terms. 2. Construction Quotation Template: Designed specifically for contractors and construction companies, this template includes sections for labor costs, materials, and other project-specific details. 3. Service Quotation Template: Ideal for service-based businesses, this template focuses on pricing for various services offered along with any additional charges or fees. 4. Sales Quotation Template: Used by sales teams, this template includes product details, discounts, and any special offers or promotions. 5. Freelance Quotation Template: Designed for freelancers, this template helps in providing pricing details for the services rendered. It's important to choose the right type of Quotation Template that suits the specific needs of your business or industry.

Standard Quotation Template
Construction Quotation Template
Service Quotation Template
Sales Quotation Template
Freelance Quotation Template

How to complete Quotation Template

Completing a Quotation Template is a simple process. Here are the steps to follow:

Open the Quotation Template in your preferred document editing software.
Enter your business details, including the name, address, and contact information.
Add the client's information, such as their name, company, and contact details.
List the products or services you are quoting, along with their prices and quantities.
Include any additional terms or conditions, such as payment terms or delivery dates.
Calculate the total cost and provide a breakdown if necessary.
Proofread and review the quotation for accuracy and professionalism.
Save or export the completed Quotation Template as a PDF or other preferred format.
Share the quotation with the client via email or print it out for physical distribution.

By following these steps, you can efficiently complete a Quotation Template and provide your clients with accurate pricing information.

Video Tutorial How to Fill Out Quotation Template

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Questions & answers

Types of quotes In-text quotes. An in-text quote is a short quote that fits into and completes a sentence you've written. Indirect quotes. An indirect quote is when you paraphrase ideas from a source. Direct quotes. A direct quote is when you take text directly from a source without changing anything.
Example: “John thinks that this brother [Jeff] will be a great dad,” said Andrew. Use quotation marks if the word or words are meant to imply irony or sarcasm. Example: The mayor told the people of his town that he “cares” about their well-being. Use quotation marks to highlight certain words within a sentence.
What information should you include on a quotation template? Your business information. It is imperative that you include your own business information. The client's information. Make sure to include who the quote is for. Quote reference number. Date of issue. Products and/or services. Total cost. Notes. Terms and conditions.
Select a Template. Creating winning quotes is a learning process. Add Client Information. Make sure you include who the quote is for. Enter the Quote Number. Include a Date of Issue. Enter Products or Services. Add Terms and Conditions. Include Notes. Add Optional Details.
Excel comes with quotation default templates, and if you'd like to utilize one, you can get an excel quotation sheet for free from the WPS office. Utilize free service and sales by using basic business quotation templates to give your company a more polished appearance.
How to Create a Quote in 5 Easy Steps An itemized list of goods and/or services requested by the client or customer. Prices for each item including labor costs, taxes, and discounts. Disclaimers on the scope of the product or project. Company branding in the form of a logo or letterhead.