Rent Statement

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Rent Statement


What is the Rent Statement Necessary for?

The rent statement is a document that includes all property a person or organization rents out to other individuals.

It’s needed for keeping track of apartments leased and payments made. This document is very important since it helps paint a clear picture as to what income you get from the leased property. Also, it may include the annual payments of the individual who rents an apartment and pays monthly or weekly for it.

In this case, it includes individual details of the tenant, landlord, payment details and lease dates.

How do I Complete the Online Rent Statement?

To fill out the form, select one of its variants - available online in the PDFfiller library. It has various fillable templates you can use, but if you have your own, you have the option to upload it to your personal profile and then fill out.

Basically, you will need to type in the following information:

  1. The full name of the tenant and his/her Social Security Number. Be careful when filing this data, as you should avoid any mistakes with spelling the names.
  2. The rental address and dates, including state, ZIP code, and city, street, and house.
  3. The total amount of money you paid for the renting period.
  4. Insert sums paid every month and the amount of credit (if any). Some landlords allow subdividing payments into smaller parts.
  5. Add a contact phone number to discuss payment details if needed. Provide the phone number you usually use during working hours.

Anyone working with the form and its fillable fields should just select the highlighted area and insert the required details. If your document doesn’t have those areas, then use the additional tools provided. You can use the Text tool to insert textual information anywhere on the page. Add fillable fields to simplify the form filling process in the future.

This document is completed with a step-by-step interface - that’s why fillable fields help users easily complete it.