Rental Inspection Checklist

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Rental Inspection Checklist


What Is the Purpose of a Home Inspection Checklist?

A home inspection checklist is mostly used by a prospective buyer of real estate. In this case, this document should be completed while showing the house or thereafter, at the election of the buyer. This template also works for renting.

Sometimes leasers commonly agree to provide a safe and maintained environment, but appliances often remain nonworking and tenants have to fix faulty plumbing and broken heating systems by themselves. If all the required conditions are not met, you can terminate the contract without penalties. Another reason to break an agreement is a landlord's illegal appearance. He or she has to give at least 24 hours notice before entering a rental unit. There are only three legal reasons for an invasion: inspection, making repairs and showing a property to prospective tenants. Victims of domestic violence are allowed to terminate a residential lease agreement without penalization. Those who rent an illegal apartment also have a right to leave without any loss.

How to Complete a Home Inspection Checklist

There are different versions of the form available, so you can choose the one that works in your specific circumstances. A home inspection checklist should be completed by both parties.

So there are fillable fields for the buyer and seller.

  1. sections to be filled by the seller include the following details to enter: property address, number of bedrooms, age of the house, the reason for selling, bath, total square feet (heating and cooled), years occupied by the seller, asking price. Frame: wood, brick, or wood and brick;
  2. sections to be filled by the purchaser contains the following: near work, schools, shopping, expressways, public transportation, doctor/dentist, churches, garbage collection, street lights, sidewalks.