Sales Letter Sample

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Sales Letter Sample


What is a sales letter?

Communication with a customer is a very essential part of marketing. Today a sales letter is an effective way to persuade customers to choose your product or service among others and buy it. Such letter is even more powerful than flyers or direct mail. Remember that in order to reach a goal a sales letter has to be executed properly, because it will represent your company`s image.

How to prepare a sales letter?

Since a sales letter is kind of communication with a customer it has to be worth to catch his/her eye on. You can easily create an excellent sales letter downloading several sales letter samples and choosing the one you need. After looking through some letter samples start to prepare your one.

Here`s how to prepare a good sales letter:

  • start from a formal greeting;
  • an important thing a person should remember is creating a headline which will attract the readers. It should contain a certain promise relating to services or products you are offering;
  • in the main text of a letter try to specify clearly what you offer and define all the benefits a potential client may get applying to your company;
  • remember that a letter shouldn`t be too long in order a customer not to lose his/her interest while reading;
  • don`t forget to provide some proof of quality of your goods or services;
  • complete a letter with a special offer which certainly will interest a client (for instance state an information about some discounts etc.);
  • at the end of a letter provide your contact details for more effective feedback.

After a sales letter is complete check if all information is true and up-to-date in order to avoid further misunderstandings. It is easy to create a sales letter online and send it directly to a recipient as well as print and send by regular mail. If it necessary, you may export a document in PDF format to Word just in a few minutes.