sample death certificate india

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sample death certificate india


What you Need to Know About the Death Certificate in India

It’s only possible to register a death and obtain an official government death certificate if a person's disease has been documented.

This evidence is very important and necessary for solving a number of legal issues related to the departed: inheritance, settling insurance cases, avoiding/resolving debts, etc.

In India, it’s recommended to certify an incident, that cause the end of person’s life immediately, and no later than 21 days - otherwise, legislation may call for sanctions for violation of the application deadline.

How to Receive a Certified Hindi Death Certificate

To register and apply for an official document you will need:

  1. A filled-in application sample. You can find one online and complete it with PDFfiller’s editing tools in seconds.
  2. Proof of demise: a medical report or evidence from the state government Registrar after confirmation of a person as deceased.
  3. An identity document of the applicant.
  4. A document certifying the identity of the deceased with the date of birth.
  5. The confirmation of a relationship with the deceased. It's important to prove kinship to obtain this paper.
  6. Proof of address: any kind of bills (water/electricity), ration card, passport, etc.

The data that a medical death certificate in Hindi contains must be carefully checked by applicants for errors on the date of issuing of the document or on the date the person’s life ended. Upon receiving the certificate, it’s also necessary to check whether the personal details of the deceased were correctly transferred to the issued paper and whether it contains the exact place of the incident.

In New Delhi and Chandigarh, there is no need to go to the hospital for the death record if the event occurs domiciliary.

Any relative can provide the information about dying by reporting the form online (within the 21 days period).