Storage Contract

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Storage Contract


Important points everyone should know about storage contract

The storage contract is an agreement between lessor and lessee about the rent of a house or flat and permission for the person to store some household items or furniture there. Pay attention to the fact that every item should be clearly described for both parties to know what actions to undertake in unusual situations. It is necessary to define in your storage contract what will happen if you can not pay in time, or what will be the sum of additional fees in different cases.

This template may be referred to the vehicle or boat as well. Basically, the document has its expiration date, but it can be extended if the lessor and lessee agree with that.

The storage agreement sample is filled in electronically. Find the sample that fits your needs best, and complete it digitally in a few simple steps. PDFfiller contains a wide variety of samples that correspond to the needs of every party.

Some tips for successful contract completion

First of all, upload the template to your personal PDFfiller account or select one of the templates from the library. Next, follow such recommendations:

  1. Check whether you have the fillable fields in the document. They are highlighted in orange. If you have them, just move to the necessary cell and make it active by clicking with a mouse. Insert the textual information and move to the next one.
  2. If the page has no default fields, add them manually with “Add Fillable Fields” tab. Every item here is customized according to the type of information to be given. There are the text, number, date, dropdown, checkbox, signature, initials, and photo.
  3. Type in all the data to the document and check it several times to avoid misprints.
  4. Add a legally binding signature by drawing it with a finger on a touchscreen of the mobile phone or touchpad.
  5. Send a signature request to the lessor and ask them to check the information before it.
  6. The final version of the contract can be kept in PDF, uploaded or printed on paper.