Ticket Template

Description of a ticket

A ticket is kind of a document which confirms a person`s right to use a certain service and shows the specified amount paid for such service. There are plenty of situations when a ticket is used, for instance for ride on a transport, for visiting a certain occasion or event (a concert or a conference), for entering a certain place (a museum or cinema) etc. Tickets also can be presented by different forms, colors and types, but each of them has to contain its unique reference number. Moreover such details as an event`s name, address, date and start time have to be provided in a document.

How to get a ticket?

Some tickets a person can purchase right at the place where they are required, but sometimes you need to buy them beforehand. In order to avoid any difficulties and save time you can get a ticket online. For this a purchaser has to fill out a ticket order form and submit it to a recipient. First you should start with downloading of several fillable ticket order templates and choosing the one you need. After you have an appropriate template, start to insert necessary information in a document.

Here find some tips how to fill out a ticket order form:

provide purchaser`s details (i.e. name, contact details and address);
choose a necessary type of a ticket;
state number of attendees to count a total amount payable;
choose type of payment and pay for a service.

After an order form is complete, check if all information is provided correctly and submit it to a recipient. Further you will be asked to pay certain amount for such service. Here a person has to provide his/her card number, expiration date of a card and cardholder`s name. Right after a necessary amount is paid, a confirmation together with e-tickets will be sent on a purchaser`s email. Print received documents for further use.

Video Tutorial How to Fill Out Ticket Template

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A ticket template is a set of predefined field values that can be applied to a specific support request. It simplifies ticket creation by pre-filling the values when you manually submit a ticket. The template can include values for standard fields and any custom fields you have.
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How to Make a Ticket in Word For Windows: Open Word and select Insert. Click Shapes, then select your preferred ticket shape and customize your ticket. For Mac: Open MS Word and follow the same process. But, you can also click Table and each box in the table serves as your ticket that you may edit afterward.
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