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Create a list from a template Select + New list to open the Create a list chooser. Select the template you want, and select Use template. Enter a name for your list, an (optional) description, select an (optional) color, icon, site to save to, and then click Create.
Create a list template Open the list that you want to save as a template. If you're in SharePoint, select Settings. In the Permissions and Management column, select Save list as template. In the File Name field, enter the filename to use for the template file.
Type * (asterisk) to start a bulleted list or 1. to start a numbered list, and then press Spacebar or the Tab key. Type some text. Press Enter to add the next list item.
Assess your weekly tasks Quickly write down everything you need to do (don't bother about making it fancy, a rough list will do) Add clarifying information to any vague items — e.g. 'write post' becomes 'write one guest post' Remove anything that needs doing less often than weekly, or is a one-off task.
Google Sheets has a series of templates where all the formatting is already done. So, if you want to create a to-do list quickly, select their To-Do list template. The template is ready-to-use with all checkboxes, rows and columns. All you need to do is add your tasks and dates on it to start using it.
15 secrets for a better to-do list Capture everything. Lists, lists, and more lists. Organize your to-do list by workflow, priority, or due date. Make it actionable. Verbs first, details later. Prioritize your to-dos. Always include a deadline. Break big work into smaller tasks.