To Do List Template

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To Do List Template


What are Printable To-Do Lists?

Organization and planning are very important in our busy life. Planning skills help achieve different goals. If you have hundreds of tasks every day, you spend a lot of energy just trying to keep all of them in your mind. You can wake up in the middle of the night remembering you have forgotten to send an essential email, wish your mother-in-law happy birthday or go to the circus with your child. You feel exhausted and depressed. If this is a common situation for you, try to make a to do-list template and complete it once the task is done. Following the plan will greatly simplify your life.

What is a To Do list template used for?

After writing a to do template you’ll feel a great relief. Even if the tasks are still in progress, you visualize them, and it helps control your work and life. A checklist with important tasks will boost your productivity. Besides this, everybody likes lists. It can be so satisfying just to check the tasks you’ve done.

How do I Fill out a To Do list?

There are a lot of To Do list templates of various design and content. You can create your own spreadsheet or download a to-do list in PDF format from the internet. You can print the to-do list or fill it out on your smartphone and tablet. After printing the template, write down the tasks you want to accomplish during the week, month or year. It’s better to place first the tasks with the highest priority. Try to be precise. Use strong verbs that motivate you. Don’t forget to indicate the time when you should do a specific task. It would be great if you look through a daily to-do list the day before just to be ready for everything. For example, you have to find a tennis racket and take it with you in the morning if you plan to play tennis right after work.