Verbal Warning Template

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Verbal Warning Template


When is the Verbal Warning Template Used?

The verbal warning form is a document used to inform an employee that his/her working performance or behavior is not meeting the company's standards.

For example, it may be issued if an individual systematically misses work or is absent from the workplace during certain working hours.

The first version of notice is informational and presupposes no additional measures to be undertaken. The employee may have to have a clarifying conversation and explain that they know following the company rules is important and obligatory for everyone.

A person can issue a written response to agree or disagree with the cautionary and explain the reason for his or her violation of any behavior principles.

But if the individual refuses to correct the behavior and repeats the same actions, then a template with disciplinary action will be issued.

It includes the process of disciplinary actions that begin as a result of any violations the employee made.

How do I Fill Out the Verbal Warning Template Online?

The verbal warning form can easily be completed with the PDFfiller editor.

You need to start by selecting the document variant from the internal library of fillable templates and open it.

Next, click on the highlighted areas and provide the following information:

  • Name and title of the employee and his/her supervisor.
  • The date, time, and location of the incident and reprimand.
  • The type of disciplinary action that will be taken.
  • The type of violation and the reason it was made.
  • If there were any witnesses, then add their names to the document.
  • Describe the incident in detail.
  • Specify the corrective or disciplinary action.
  • If the employee explained the reason for their actions, then include its brief summary in the sample.
  • Certify the template by adding a legally binding digital signature. The person, who gets the notice should sign it as well.

To enter in text to the verbal warning form, click on the highlighted fillable fields and insert all required information.

To add a circle, checkmark or cross sign, click at on the variant you want to select.