Volunteer Time Sheet

Or stamp in the space below. I worked the hours indicated above and When this work was performed I was not employed by the agency. __________________________________________ Defendant s Signature RETURN COMPLETED TIME SHEET TO Signature of Authorized Agency Representative Date ______________________________________ 3501 CIVIC CENTER DRIVE ROOM C-10 SAN RAFAEL CA 94913-4988 PLEASE USE A SEPARATE TIME SHEET FOR EACH AGENCY TR001 I Rev* 1/12 Page 1 of 2 TIME SHEET MAINTENANCE 1. The Community Service Time Sheet must be completed on a daily basis by the individual supervising the work by indicating the date the number of hours worked and the supervisor s initials in the space provided* Community service hours can only be performed after the date Court has assigned the number of hours to be completed and only at an agency listed in the Directory of Community Service Work Agencies as provided by the Court. 2. OUT OF COUNTY COMMUNITY SERVICE must follow the same.
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Volunteer Time Sheet