FormsCentral Has Officially Retired!

Don't worry you can still create fillable forms with pdfFiller.

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Adobe FormsCentral will be fully retired on July 28.
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! pdfFiller’s LinkToFill feature lets you share all the fillable forms you created with FormsCentral and provides you with even more sharing options.
After you upload your form, anyone can access and fill it using any of the following ways: share using a URL, include a link on your website, or use a QR code on printed materials.

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Share the link, embed a button on your website or simply scan the QR code


The added benefits of working with LinkToFill
  • Email Notification
    Get notified as soon as someone fills in your form
  • Export in Excel Format
    Export responses in an
    excel file for easy tabulation
  • Fillable on Mobile Devices
    Forms can be filled on
    any mobile device

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  • 1. Upload Your Form
    Upload any document format to pdfFiller from your computer, your favorite cloud service, your email or simply search for the document you need.
  • 2. Edit and Click Done
    Make any necessary edits before you share your document with your preferred audience and click the done button.
  • 3. Select Link to Fill
    Simply select the LinkToFill button on the export page to proceed.
  • 4. Get the URL Link and the QR Code
    Choose one of the three ways to share your document: get the URL link, embed a button on your website, or print a QR code.

Questions & Answers about FormsCentral
Alternative Online PDF Editor

  • What is pdfFiller?
    pdfFiller is a web-based pdf editor. Unlike FormsCentral, you do not need to download or install any software. You can fill, edit, sign, store and export your documents online using any device from anywhere.
  • What is LinkToFill?
    LinkToFill allows you to make a fillable version of a document available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • What browsers does support? supports Internet Exporter (IE), Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Do I need to download or install any software?
    No downloads needed! is web-based application that does not need any additional software. supports any browser.
  • What is an affordable alternative to Adobe FormsCentral?
    pdfFiller is your choice. pdfFiller is a web-based pdf editor. Unlike Foxit, you do not need to download or install any software. You can fill, edit, sign, store and export your documents online using any device from anywhere, with just $5.99/month.
  • Can I use LinkToFill as an alternative for Adobe FormsCentral?
    Absolutely yes. LinkToFill allows you to make a fillable version of a document available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • How does LinkToFill work?
    Select a document in MyForms, then select LinkToFill on the right. Adjust your LinkToFill settings as desired, activate your link, and post the link or code to your document. Anyone who accesses the document can fill and submit the document to you, and it will be accessible via your LinkToFill folder in MyForms.
  • What is the difference between the HTML code, QR code and URL?
    The HTML code can be placed on your website to create a button or text link to the document. The URL is a direct link to the document and is best used in the body text of a website, an email, or an SMS. The QR code must be scanned by a mobile device with a camera, and is best suited for use on printed materials such as business cards.
  • Video: Tutorial - Create Fillable Forms Online Use LinkToFill
  • What is the difference between LinkToFill and FormsCentral?
    LinkToFill is a robust form creating function of pdfFiller. With LinkToFill, you can make a fillable version of a document available to anyone on your website. Unlike Adobe FormsCentral, LinkToFill does not require any software download or installation. You can host pdf or create fillable forms from any device.
  • Does LinkToFill require a pdfFiller account?
    Creating and hosting a document with LinkToFill requires a pdfFiller Business plan, but no account is required for someone to fill and submit a document.
  • Does LinkToFill cost anything?
    Creating and hosting a document with LinkToFill requires a pdfFiller Business plan, but anyone an fill and submit your LinkToFill documents absolutely free!
  • Can LinkToFill be used on a mobile device?
    Yes! While you can’t create a LinkToFill document on a mobile device, anyone with the link to your document can fill and submit it to you anytime, anywhere, from any device!
  • How am I notified when I receive a document via LinkToFill?
    You have the option to enable email notifications for every LinkToFill document, and we’ll also send you notifications in MyForms whenever someone submits a document to you via LinkToFill.
  • Where can I find filled and submitted documents?
    Documents submitted to you via LinkToFill can be found by navigating to MyForms > Sent [and History] > Link to fill, selecting a document from the list, then clicking Filled Forms on the right.
  • What happens if I deactivate a LinkToFill document?
    Inactive documents cannot be filled or submitted, and any previously posted links or codes will direct to a page noting that the document is currently unavailable. In addition, you will not be able to access filled copies of inactive documents through the LinkToFill folder in MyForms without first reactivating the link.
  • Can I choose what editing tools can be used with LinkToFill?
    When setting up your LinkToFill document, you my choose to enable all editing tools, or only the signature and date tools.
  • Can I change the settings for a LinkToFill document later?
    Yes! First select the document in MyForms and click LinkToFill on the right, or navigate to MyForms > Sent [and History] > LinkToFill and click Settings on the right. Then simply change your settings and click Return to MyForms at the bottom of the page.
  • Video: Edit, Fill & Sign PDFs Online Using pdfFiller

9 Reasons Why pdfFiller is Better Than FormsCentral

Online PDF editors are helpful tools enabling some basic text editing, inserting graphic elements, signing and adding images. The advantages of this type of web-based services is that they don't require installing any kind of software into your computer. Typically, they all work the following way:

The user uploads the necessary PDF file at the platform’s website and the document opens in the editor, where the following functionally is normally enabled: adding text, inserting images, e-Signature, highlighting, adding shapes and attaching blank pages. After that, the modified document can be downloaded or saved in the most popular cloud storages - GoogleDrive or Dropbox. More advanced platforms like, PDFescape, also provide annotating tools and more options of the pages layout.

Anyways, pdfFiller is the best alternative of the available online services (for example, FormsCentral), as it serves as a complete document management platform rather than a monofunctional editing tool.

pdfFiller boasts of such useful features unlike the other services:

  1. No need to upload documents previously saved on your computer, as you can paste the URL to the necessary document, find it in our library of fillable forms, get it from email or, upload it as well.
  2. You can merge several document into a single fillable document.
  3. You can create a new form containing all most common text formats, graphics, images and signature.
  4. Automatically added date.
  5. Adding customized watermarks.
  6. Inserting fillable fields (for text, numbers, check marks, initials, signature, date, dropdown menu, formula).
  7. Spellchecking.
  8. Possibility to view the document before printing, downloading or sending it out, when all the edits are finished.
  9. And, what is more important all these actions can be taken on any devices, both desktop and mobile.