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Scaturro Insurance Agency LLC is a full-service retail insurance agency representing Farmers Insurance Group and other partner carriers. Scaturro Insurance Agency brokers offer car, homeowner, umbrella, specialty and life insurance to residential customers. The agency also offers general liability, professional liability, property, car, workers compensation and life insurance to their business customers.

Base of operationsBase of operations

North Brunswick, New Jersey.

The ChallengeThe Challenge

Scaturro Insurance Agency brokers were looking for an alternative to Adobe to complete application forms and signature documents to make applications or purchase insurance products for their customers. Brokers used to print a form they would find on the web, sign it with a wet signature, scan it back in the system, and then print a hard-copy.
Another problem they faced was the lack of physical space for storing business paperwork. Locating a particular file began to feel like a treasure hunt, that’s when David began to search for a document management solution that would enable them to complete, share and store their files online. Whatever solution they went with would need to speed up their document workflow and minimize physical storage space.
«Fumbling along with Adobe Acrobat or hand-writing forms was time-consuming, sloppy, unprofessional — completely inefficient, especially if changes or updates were needed.»
Joe Scaturro, Owner at Scaturro Insurance Agency LLC

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How the problem was solvedHow the problem was solved

After trying pdfFiller on a trial basis, Joe Scaturro liked it enough to purchase an annual subscription. What initially drew him to this platform, was the ability to have complete control over the entry of data and formats in static forms, the ability to create interactive document templates and get documents signed electronically.
Joe and his colleagues use pdfFiller on a daily basis to collect client data and electronic signatures with online fillable forms and store them online for future use. The ability to create form templates reduced errors and improved efficiency for commonly used forms.
As a result, everything looks clean, neat and professional when the agency brokers present documents to their customers or partner carriers.
«pdfFiller allows us to tap into additional markets and sell business we might not otherwise have sold because of the speed and ease with which we can produce the forms.»
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In which situations does Scaturro Insurance Agency use pdfFiller?
Filling out insurance documents with client data
pdfFiller immediately converts any PDF document into a fillable format online. Brokers use this feature to store commonly used forms and the forms completed and e-signed by their customers inside the platform. The documents are further exported into PDF form and shared with their customers or partner carriers. The whole process is fast and easy and requires no assistance from any third-party applications. Using pdfFiller ensures that Scaturro Insurance Agency responds to every case in a timely manner, keeping its service level high and its business growing.
Allowing clients to electronically sign insurance documents
Brokers at Scaturro Insurance Agency convert pre-filled PDFs into interactive fillable forms, which they use to collect electronic signatures from clients. A fillable PDF form preserves the format of the original document on either a recipient’s desktop or mobile screen. The transition from traditional two-copy agreements on paper to e-signatures granted the company a far more efficient contract process without delays or any need for parcels sent overnight.
An all-in-one platform for efficient document management
Today, more and more businesses are switching to all-in-one document management solutions to boost the efficiency and consistency of their daily workflows. pdfFiller reduces the time spent completing applications and supplemental documents by a factor of 3-4. Using this document management platform, companies like Scaturro Insurance Agency get an online PDF editor, fillable form builder, e-signature manager and secure online storage at an affordable price.
«We are going to continue to use pdfFiller in the same manner we use it today and I’m sure we’ll find additional uses for the product as our business grows.»

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