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Agile contracts for the real world
Software development agreement open source
Agile project templates
Agile commercial models

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Set an Agile Sourcing Strategy. Select Multiple Agile-Capable Service Providers. Write Agile Framework Contracts. Manage Agile Contracts for Quality. Colocate, or Distribute With Care. Define "Done" Use Quality Metrics.
Target Cost. In a target cost contract, the parties agree on a final price for the delivery of a product or service. Incremental Delivery. In an incremental delivery contract, there are predetermined review points written into the agreement. Time and Materials.
What Is Agile Contract Management? Agile is a methodology that stresses the value of maximum flexibility. Originally developed for software engineering teams, Agile helps ensure that projects are completed in short, demonstrable steps with frequent interfacing with clients.
5 Principles for (Agile) Software Development that improve Agility (and make you a better developer) Christiaan Verwijs. Just in Time Design & coding. Think, write, test, refactor. Unit testing (really!) Write Object-Oriented code (OO), not procedural code. Apply Agile Design Patterns and Principles.