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How to Rewrite a PDF? rewriting

PDFfiller is the only online service that allows you to edit an original PDF online, without any additional downloads or time-consuming steps. The PDF Rewriter function allows users to change the actual content of a PDF document. Use the PDF Rewriter tool to add long and complex text to contracts, agreements or quotes that you’d like to use as a template.

Select a document in MY DOCS and click Rewrite PDF. Your original PDF is always saved before you open it in the PDF rewriter.

rewrite pdf

Note: Currently, only Google Chrome supports rewriting an original PDF. It is only possible to edit one line of text at a time.

Click anywhere on a PDF to start typing text. The font, size, color and style will automatically match the nearest text. You can also adjust the size and position of what you typed using the mini toolbar above the text.

rewrite pdf

Choose any existing text to delete or change it. If you make a mistake while working in PDF rewriter, you can fix it by clicking the Undo or Redo Changes buttons.

rewrite pdf

Once you’ve finished editing a PDF, click Save in the upper right-hand corner. You can now send your document out to be signed, host it on your website, print it out or save it in a different format. .

How to Rewrite a PDF Online

  • Select a document in MYBOX and click Rewrite PDF on the right.
  • Click anywhere on a PDF to start typing text.
  • Adjust the size and position of the text using the mini toolbar.
  • Choose any existing content to delete it from a PDF.
  • Once you’ve edited a PDF, click Save.
  • Send out your PDF to be signed, host it on your website, email it, print it out or save it to your computer or cloud storage.
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    How to Rewrite PDF Documents

    Can I rewrite a PDF document online?

    Yes. allows you to edit any type of PDF document, scanned form, application, contract document, license form or certificate with our various tools and features. You can rearrange, rotate, and delete, the pages. You can also, add text, images, and signatures to each page.

    How to rewrite a scanned PDF?

    To modify a scanned file, begin by de-selecting the current function you are using or just simply click anywhere on the document and begin to type. You can then drag and move the text to your desired location.

    How do I rewrite PDF text?

    To type in a PDF, choose Text button in Edit and start typing. You can also click the Erase button in the "Tools" tab and clear the content in your document. To rewrite font settings, click on the "Font" button. You can then change the font type or select the size and color.

    How do I rewrite pages in a PDF?

    To rewrite pages in a PDF, click the “Pages” button on the left. Select a page and click the “Move Up” or the “Move Down” button to change the order. You can also remove or rotate pages by clicking the “Delete” or “Rotate” button.