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How do I attach a file to a text message?

Open a new message and click on the attachment button. Choose your desired file format in the new window. Next, pick the picture or file (depending on your operating system) you want to send. Insert your recipient and text and there you go!

How do I attach a PDF file to a text message?

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Can I attach a PDF to a text message?

Technically, you can send a PDF in a text message. Rather than sending as an SMS message, it becomes a multimedia message much like a photo or video. This requires loading the entire PDF into the message, however, which is not practical and some phones will block this process if the file is too large.

How do I attach a PDF to an iPhone text message?

Open PDF File. Firstly launch the PDFelement for iOS on your iPhone. You will now see the document list. ... Send Email with PDF attachment. Tab on the "Share" icon at the top-right corner. Select "Send Email to" on the "More" menu. ... Edit Email. It's now for you to finish editing the email.

How do I text a PDF from my Android?

Download a file explorer app such as ES File Explorer, Astro File Manager or the simply-named Android File Manager to your Android. Launch the app and find the PDF on your phone. Long-press the file and select "Share" or "Send" and choose the method of sending.

How do you attach files to text messages on iPhone?

Open Mail and tap or open an existing email. Then tap the body of the email. Tap the cursor to open the editing menu. Tap , then tap Add Attachment. ... Look through the Files app and select an attachment. When you're ready, tap Send.

How do you send an attachment in a text message on an iPhone?

Tap the Photos icon on the Home screen, and then find the photo you want to send. Tap the action icon, in the lower-left corner of the screen, and then tap the Email Photo button. An e-mail message appears on-screen with the photo already attached.

How do I send an audio message on my iPhone?

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Can you attach a Word document to a text?

Inserting a document On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click the arrow next to Object, and then click Text from File. In the Insert File dialog box, locate the file that you want, and then double-click it. To add in the contents of additional Word documents, repeat the above steps as needed.

How do you insert a document into Word?

Open a Microsoft Word document. ... Click the place in the document where you want to insert the file. Click the Insert tab. ... Click the. ... Choose the type of file to insert. ... Select the file to insert. Click OK.
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