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How to Email Signature Smoking Lease Addendum

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For pdfFiller’s FAQs

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Yes. It is perfectly legal for landlords to make their buildings smoke-free. Landlords can include smoking clauses in new and renewing tenancy agreements, or add an addendum to current tenancy agreements if agreed upon by the tenant.
Some landlords establish a smoking area somewhere on the property, such as outside at least 10 feet from the rental house, or in a certain area by the outdoor pool. If the current lease agreement does not include language that prohibits smoking, you cannot force a tenant to stop smoking at the property.
Currently, there is no statewide law prohibiting smoking in private residential units in California, such as apartments and condos. However, several California cities and counties prohibit smoking in private multi-unit rental properties.
Rental companies inspect their cars when they're returned. If they think the hirer's been smoking, they'll charge a fee to get rid of ash and the smell of smoke. This is because the basic damage cover rentals usually come with (called Collision Damage Waiver) does not cover the interior of the car.
Turn on an air purifier. One of the best ways to treat indoor smoke is by turning on an air purifier. Open a window. Where you can, try and open up a window while you smoke. Close any air vents. Put a wet towel by the closed door. Put your hair up & limit clothing. Mask the smell. Keep it short. Freshen up.
Enforce a No-Smoking Lease. Enforce a No-Smoking CC&R. Sue Your Neighbor. Check Your State's Laws.
If you smoke, quit. There are many resources to help you. Do not smoke or allow people to smoke in your house or car. Ask people who smoke to step outside. Find smoke-free restaurants, hotels, and rental cars. Ask caregivers and relatives to stop smoking around you and your children.
It's not even safe to sit in the car. If you don't smell smoke, your next step is to look around the inside of the vehicle for yellow-brown stains on the fabricespecially the carpeting on the roof. If you see this discoloration, the car has probably been smoked in.
Allow it to remain undisturbed for at least 2 full days. The car should smell significantly better, and the scent of cigarette smoke should be all but gone.
Vital signs could be a heavy mist of air freshener, scented candles, diffusers or the obvious open windows and back doors even during inclement weather. Smoke odour clings to fabric, so in a smoking household you'll readily detect stale smoke on curtains, soft furnishings, carpets and linen.
Hire an air quality detection company or consultant to run an air quality report in your home. Purchase an air quality detector that specifically indicates it can detect cigarette smoke. Install the air quality monitor with the directions provided with your specific model.
Is it legal to completely prohibit smoking in an apartment building or condo complex? Yes. Landlords, homeowners associations, and local governments may legally restrict smoking in multi-unit housing. For a more detailed discussion of this issue, see There Is No Constitutional Right to Smoke.
Yes. It is legal in Ontario for a landlord to ban smoking in private units. A no-smoking policy is not a no-smoker policy that prevents smokers from renting accommodation. Just as smokers step outside public places and workplaces for a cigarette, so too would they for a no-smoking residential building.
If you live in an apartment building, or in a house with multiple units, there is a possibility that the smoke from your unit could travel to another unit. Even if the condominium building does not have rules prohibiting smoking in the units, it is still possible that you smoking in your unit could cause a nuisance.
Sue Your Neighbor Even if the smoker doesn't live under a no-smoking restriction, you may find a court to be sympathetic if you sue the smoker for creating a private nuisance (interfering with your ability to use and enjoy your property).
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