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For pdfFiller’s FAQs

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Does heterogeneous mean cancer?

Cancer is a heterogeneous disease. However, heterogeneity in cancer is not limited to differences between different patients, but also occurs within a single patient (Figure 1). This intrapatient or intratumoral heterogeneity can present great challenges for cancer treatment.

What does heterogeneous mean in medical terms?

Heterogeneous medical condition or heterogeneous disease in medicine are those medical conditions which have several etiologies, like hepatitis or diabetes. The word is used as an opposition to homogeneous, meaning that given a group of patients, the disease is the same for all of them.

What does heterogeneous enhancement mean?

Heterogeneous enhancement is non-uniform with areas of variable signal intensity. Heterogeneous enhancement can be further classified as rim, dark internal septations, enhancing internal septations or central enhancement.

What does it mean to have a heterogeneous thyroid gland?

Heterogeneous thyroid echotexture. Heterogeneous echogenicity of the thyroid gland is a non-specific finding and is associated with conditions diffusely affecting the thyroid gland. These include: Hashimoto thyroiditis. Graves disease.

What does homogeneous echogenicity mean?

Echogenicity (misspelled sometimes as echogenecity) or echogeneity is the ability to bounce an echo, e.g. return the signal in ultrasound examinations. In other words, echogenicity is higher when the surface bouncing the sound echo reflects increased sound waves.

What does mild heterogeneity mean?

Answered May 26, 2018. Heterogeneity by the word only it is quite understandable that it means something which is not uniform. So in this case it is the thyroid. When the structure of thyroid is not uniform from all the side . Those kind of thyroid is known as heterogenous thyroid structure.

What does heterogeneous tumor mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tumour heterogeneity describes the observation that different tumour cells can show distinct morphological and phenotypic profiles, including cellular morphology, gene expression, metabolism, motility, proliferation, and metastatic potential.

What is homogeneous tumor?

Tumor homogeneity refers to the cellular populations bearing the same or similar genetic or epigenetic characters within the same lesion or in different lesions of the same patient.

How do you use heterogeneous in a sentence?

Its population, then as at the present day, was a heterogeneous collection of all races. After the outbreak of the war a somewhat indefinite, heterogeneous provisional government was in power till a constitution was adopted in 1780, when John Hancock became the first governor.

What is an example of heterogeneous mixture?

Examples include sand and sugar, salt and gravel, a basket of produce, and a toy box filled with toys. Mixtures in two or more phases are heterogeneous mixtures. Examples include ice cubes in a drink, sand and water, and salt and oil. The liquid that is immiscible form heterogeneous mixtures.

What does ethnically heterogeneous mean?

Definition of heterogeneous. : consisting of dissimilar or diverse ingredients or constituents : mixed an ethnically heterogeneous population.

What does it mean if something is heterogeneous?

The word heterogeneous is an adjective that means composed of different constituents or dissimilar components. In chemistry, the word is most often applied to a heterogeneous mixture. This is one which has a non-uniform composition. An example is a mixture of sugar dissolved in water.

What is heterogeneous DNA?

Genetic heterogeneity can be defined as mutations at two or more genetic loci that produce the same or similar phenotypes (either biochemical or clinical). From: Emery and Rimoin's Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics, 2013.

What is heterogeneity service?

Heterogeneity, also known as variability, describes the uniqueness of service offerings. The term heterogeneity describes the uniqueness of service offerings (also known as variability). Many services regarded as heterogeneous are typically modified for each consumer or situation.

What is heterogeneity in globalization?

meaning race or type, class. In the globalization debate the term heterogeneity is generally used to describe a quality of cultural diversity, mostly as antidote of the cultural convergencethesis, which proposes an increasing homogenization of culture through globalization.
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