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For pdfFiller’s FAQs

Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How do Kubernetes certificates work?

Every Kubernetes cluster has a cluster root Certificate Authority (CA). The CA is generally used by cluster components to validate the API server's certificate, by the API server to validate kubelet client certificates, etc. The way this basically works is: Set up a certificate authority.

How do I renew my Kubernetes certificate?

Log on to the Kubernetes master node as the root user and run the following command to check when the Kubernetes certificates will expire. Run the following command to renew all the Kubernetes certificates: Run the following command to confirm the certificates have been renewed and will expire in 364 days:

How do you use a certificate manager?

Install helm. Install nginx-ingress using helm. Add a DNS record to connect your domain name to your IP address used by Ingress. Install cert-manager using helm. Create an Issuer for Let's Encrypt staging.

How do I become a certificate manager?

To access Certificate Manager, click the Start button, type certmgr. msc in the search field, and click the Enter key. If this is a program you use frequently, you can add it to your Start menu. Click Start, type certmgr.

How do I download certificates from AWS certificate manager?

Choose Certificate Manager. Select the certificate that you want to export. On the Actions menu, choose Export (private certificates only). Enter and confirm a passphrase for the private key.

How does client certificate authentication work?

In client authentication, a server (website) makes a client generate a keypair for authentication purpose. The private key, the heart of an SSL certificate, is kept with the client instead of the server. The server confirms the authenticity of the private key and then paves the way for secure communication.

What is client authentication?

Client Authentication is the process by which users securely access a server or remote computer by exchanging a Digital Certificate.

How do I open the Kubernetes dashboard?

Open a browser and go to http://localhost:8001/api/v1/namespaces/kube-system/services/https:kubernetes-dashboard:/proxy/#!/login to display the Kubernetes Dashboard. In the Kubernetes Dashboard, select Token and paste the value of the token: element you copied earlier into the Token field.

How do I open Docker desktop?

Open the Docker Desktop menu by clicking the Docker icon in the Notifications area (or System tray): Select Settings to open the Settings dialog:

How do I connect to Docker?

Fortunately you can easily have a container connect to any service that's installed on your Docker host. This means you could install your database / service directly on your Docker host and then connect to it from a running Docker container. You can simply connect to your local network IP address.

How do I access Kubernetes dashboard without proxy?

Preferred: Use an authenticating proxy (example in the tutorial section). Expose the proxy using a type: NodePort service and secure your network. This will make the dashboard available to anyone that can directly reach any cluster node.

How do I access Kubernetes dashboard from outside?

You need to run kubectl proxy locally for accessing the dashboard outside the kubernetes cluster. This is because of the authentication mechanism. After running the below command you'll be able to view the dashboard at http://localhost/ui on your browser. The admin.

How do I add a user to Kubernetes dashboard?

Step 1: Create Admin service account. Let's start by creating a Service Account manifest file. Step 2: Create a Cluster Role Binding. Step 3: Obtain admin user token. Step 4: Accessing Kubernetes Dashboard. Step 5: Creating non admin user account.

How do I enable Minikube dashboard?

Here is the host IP . virsh command shows that KVM Minikube is up and running. Expose the Kube proxy to listen to all the IP. Find out the base URL for dashboard access. Here is my URL to access the Minikube dashboard for remote access.

How do I setup my Kubernetes dashboard?

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