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What is pile load?

Definitions. A) Allowable Load. The load which may be safely applied to a pile after taking into account its ultimate bearing capacity, negative friction, pile spacing, overall bearing capacity of the ground below and allowable settlement.

What is the purpose of pile load test?

The purpose of pile load test is: To determine settlement under working load. To determine ultimate bearing capacity. To ascertain as a proof of acceptability.

Why pile load test is done?

This test is performed to confirm the design load calculations and to provide guidelines for setting up the limits of acceptance for routine tests. It also gives an idea of the suitability of the piling system. ... Load applied for the initial (cyclic) load test is 2.5 times the safe carrying capacity of the pile.

How a load test for a pile is carried out?

Kentledge load testing method This method involves the construction of a platform upon which massive weights are placed. These weights bear down on the pile putting it under load. Gauges measure resistance, movement of the pile, and other readings to determine the properties of the ground.

What is test pile in construction?

Tests for Pile Foundations Low strain pile integrity test is a popular non-destructive test method to examine the piles for a uniform cross section and/ or detect flaws like voids, cracks, length etc. Test involves generating stress waves at the pile head and recording the response of the reflected waves.

What is static pile load test?

Static load testing is an in situ type of load testing used in geotechnical investigation to determine the bearing capacity of deep foundations prior to the construction of a building. It differs from the statnamic load test and dynamic load testing in that the pressure applied to the pile is slower.

What is a pile load test?

Load tests on piles are conducted on completion of 28 days after casting of piles. Two types of tests namely initial and routine tests, for each type of loading viz. vertical, horizontal (lateral) pull out, are performed on piles.

How many piles are required for static load testing (# of test piles )?

Redundant systems are used to ensure accuracy of the various measurements. A five-pile test group (four anchor piles and one test pile) is used for all static load tests in compression and for most tension tests (Figure 8-1).

Is code for static pile load test?

IS: 2911 (part-IV) Codes of practice for design and Construction of Pile Foundations Load test on piles. 1.4. 1 The load test shall be required to provide data regarding the load deformation characteristics of the pile up to failure or otherwise specified and the safe design capacity.

What is dynamic pile capacity?

Attempts to determine pile capacity using dynamic analysis date back to the 19th century, when a dynamic formula that considered the energy of the pile driving hammer and the set of the pile was developed to find bearing capacity.
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