Require Filler Email and Name using PDFfiller PHP Client

When sending a PDF document to be signed, you must be sure that the right person receives and signs it. PDFfiller gives you the ability to request the email and name of the signee. This way you'll know exactly who your PDF is received and signed by.
                    $fillRequestEntity = new FillRequest($provider);

$fillRequestEntity->document_id = 20829426;
$fillRequestEntity->access = "full";
$fillRequestEntity->status = "public";
$fillRequestEntity->email_required = true;
$fillRequestEntity->name_required = true;
$fillRequestEntity->custom_message = "Custom message";
$fillRequestEntity->notification_emails[] = new NotificationEmail(['name' => 'name', 'email' => '']);
$fillRequestEntity->additional_documents[] = new AdditionalDocument('name1');
$fillRequestEntity->additional_documents[] = new AdditionalDocument('name3');
$fillRequestEntity->enforce_required_fields = true;
$fillRequestEntity->welcome_screen = false;
$fillRequestEntity->notifications = new FillRequestNotifications(FillRequestNotifications::WITH_PDF);

$result = $fillRequestEntity->save();