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Can I share my salary information?

You cannot forbid employees either verbally or in written policy from discussing salaries or other job conditions among themselves. Discussing salary at work is protected regardless of whether employees are talking to each other in person or through social media.

Can employers share salary information?

Wages and Salary Discussion It can be difficult to maintain the security of certain payroll information, particularly if an employee chooses to share his own data with other workers. Federal labor law and some states have provisions that say employers may not forbid employees from discussing their pay and benefits.

Is my salary considered confidential information?

Salaries are almost always confidential, but that's just cultural. But, despite all the confidentiality, it's all self-imposed. Federal law protects your right (and the right of your employees) to discuss their working conditions--including salary. So, some people at Google did just that.

Why salaries are kept confidential?

The biggest reason for maintaining salaries confidential is to mask the pay differences between those performing the same job. Pay differences also arise between employees who are hired from the market compared to those who have grown to a position from within the organization.

Can a former employer disclose your salary?

As long as it's truthful, your previous employer can legally disclose anything about you to a prospective employer, including your salary, vacation days you've taken, your job duties and times that you've received disciplinary counseling for absenteeism and tardiness.

Can my employer share information about my criminal background with coworkers?

Can My Employer Share Information About My Criminal Background With Coworkers? Employers needn't share information about an employee's background check.

Why you should share your salary?

The bottom line is that you should talk about salary at work with discretion because it allows you to hold your company accountable for fair pay practices and ensure you're getting paid what you're worth.

Should you share your salary?

Money talks, but you don't need to reciprocate. In an age of over-sharing, salary comparison should still be kept out of workplace conversations. It's a natural curiosity, but career experts say that discussing salary with co-workers can do more harm than good.
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