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How to Signed Free Movie Ticket

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Only members who saw their first qualifying movie on or before December 31, 2018 are eligible to earn a free movie ticket under the Atom Rewards offer. Your reward status increases with each movie showtime you see, not with each ticket you purchase.
How to Avoid Fandango, Atom and AMC Convenience Fees. Like the convenience of buying movie tickets online, but hate paying the convenience fee? At $1.50 to $2 per ticket, it's not hard to see why. Fortunately, there's a simple work around for that.
Your Free Reward Ticket code is sent via email after you see your fourth movie. This typically happens a few hours after your movie ends. The free ticket code can be applied to any standard-priced ticket (premium formats like IMAX, 3D, Dolby, special marathons, VR experiences and fan events are excluded).
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The fee helps us offer convenient features like: buying tickets in advance to avoid sold-out shows, reserving seats, watching movie trailers, skipping the box office lines, inviting friends without paying for them, pre-ordering concessions, using different payment methods and much more.
Tickets to attend movie premieres are free, however most of the non-celebrities in attendance are people who worked on the movie or their guests. If you are lucky enough to already have your tickets, check out this article about what to expect at the premiere.
Suggested clip How to Get Invited to Movie Premieres - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clip How to Get Invited to Movie Premieres - YouTube
Visit Film Production Studio Websites. Sign Up with Gofobo. Check Other Advance Screening Sites. Visit Local Radio Station Websites. Check Entertainment Websites. Arrive to the Advance Movie Screening Early. Bring ID and Other Required Documentation.
Getting Movie Premiere Tickets through the Media. Check media outlets for contests and special events. Newspapers, radio stations, and TV channels are often given complimentary tickets by movie studios, with the understanding that the tickets will be given away to the general public.
3. Arrive early. For most movie premieres, if you arrive 2-3 hours early you will find plenty of space to stand along the barricades. For highly-anticipated movies, like the Hunger Games movies, fans started lining up days before the event.
For most movies, you can typically purchase tickets anywhere from 1-10 days in advance. Movie theaters usually update their showtimes on Monday-Thursday for the upcoming Friday-Thursday (excluding major holidays and Wednesday releases, these are usually slightly different).
Private screening refers to the screening of a commercially made film to a group of people somewhere other than one of their homes. Private screening can be legally complex, as the rules and regulations vary from country to country.
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