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It's great for filling out and editing forms. It's been a time saver.
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How do I stack columns in Minitab?

Open the sample data, PipeDiameter. MTW. Choose Data > Stack > Columns. In Stack the following columns, enter Week 1 Week 2 Week 3. From Store stacked data in, select Column of current worksheet, then type Diameter . In Store subscripts in, type ID . Select Use variable names in subscript column. Click OK.

How do you stack in Minitab?

Data > Stack > Columns. Data > Stack > Blocks of Columns. Data > Stack > Rows.

What does it mean to stack data?

Data stacking involves splitting a data set up into smaller data files, and stacking the values for each of the variables into a single column. It is a type of data wrangling, which is used when preparing data for further analysis.

How do I stack multiple columns into one in Excel?

Select the columns you want to stack, click Kutools > Transform Range. In the Transform Range dialog, check Range to single row checkbox, click Ok. In the popping dialog, select a cell to place the result, click OK.

How do you stack data in Excel?

Enter the data in a worksheet and highlight the data. Click the Insert tab and click Chart. Click Area and click Stacked Area.

What is a stacked file?

A data file is 'stacked' when a single respondent's data appears as multiple cases (i.e., multiple rows in a data file).

How do I merge columns in Minitab?

Choose File > Open Worksheet. Select the text file. Click Open. ... Scroll down so that you can see the first row of numbers, in this case, row 13. Uncheck Data has column names. In First Row to import, enter the row that has the data.

How do I merge cells in Minitab?

In design mode, select the cells to merge. On the Tables menu, click Merge Cells.

How do you split data in Minitab?

Copy data that is across rows into one column. Choose Data > Stack > Rows. Split the data that is in one or more columns into separate columns by values in a different column. Choose Data > Unstack Columns.

How do I unstack data in Minitab?

Open the sample data, FishWeights.MTW. Choose Data > Unstack Columns. In Unstack the data in, enter Weight. In Using subscripts in, enter Temp. From Store unstacked data, select After last column in use. Click OK.
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