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What is PDFfiller.com’s privacy and security policy?
We take security seriously. Our employees never have access to the information inside your folders or documents. We will NEVER share your email address with anyone. We ensure your security by performing regular security updates to our servers, as well as strict security audits to our website. All data transmission takes place over HTTPS (secure encrypted data protocol), and everything stored on our servers is encrypted with 128-bit encryption. If you’re still wary about saving your personal documents to the cloud, you can delete the file you uploaded once you're done working. (Just be sure to save it to your desktop, share it, or print the document so you don’t lose it.) On the "MyForms" page, select the files you wish to delete, then click "delete". Any text you’ve entered into your document will be permanently removed from our servers. Just so you know, we reserve the right to email you updates on our new software features as they become available.